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North Face Backpacks Review


Backpacks are an essential gear for carrying your things wherever you go. A backpack is nothing but a bag attached with shoulder straps to enable a person to carry on his/her back.

Usually they are supported by a metal frame to evenly distribute the weight of the contents across the body. They are in fact better options to shoulder bags or messenger bags to carry you things without much effort.

North Face backpacks provide a wide range of backpacks to suit all your backpacking requirements. Whether you are planning a hiking trip or an overnight adventure or a backpack to carry around your books and laptop, there is a North Face backpack for every activity. North Face backpacks brand is popular for its quality, functionality and durability.

Top five facts about North Face backpacks:


North Face backpacks are designed and constructed using the advanced technology with flexvent shoulder straps and back panel to offer maximum load-carrying comfort. The molded straps eliminate unwanted pressure, hot sp

North Face Backpacks
North Face Backpacks

ots and neck strain. The air mesh back panel alleviates pressure on your spine.

These backpacks are provided with removable hip belts which help in distributing weight evenly when carrying heavy loads. The main compartment is provided with a padded sleeve to accommodate your laptop safely.

This bag is fairly light-weight and very comfortable when worn over both shoulders. The shoulder straps and the hip belt are designed perfectly to fit well and enable you to carry the weight effectively and effortlessly.


It provides ample space with great access to all your stuff. It provides lots of storage spots for your everyday utilities. The big main compartment is designed with a padded sleeve to hold your laptop. Besides this there is another padded and zippered compartment for storing your mobile phone, iPod and portable hard disk.

It also constructed with an easy to access padded compartment for keeping your power adapter. The internal small pockets help you to be better organized. Some North Face backpacks come with a stretch mesh compartment in the front which is large enough to hold your helmet. Most models are provided with dual mesh water bottle pocket holders to easily store and access your water bottles.


North Face backpacks are constructed implementing high quality polyester which is water-proof, shower-proof, resists tearing and long lasting in nature. Being water-proof in nature it protects your laptop and other stuff from rain water.

The internal frame is designed with polyethylene or aluminum which is light weight yet strong and sturdy. The hip belt and shoulder straps are provided with dual padded lining to ensure better durability and comfort.


As the North Face backpacks are made out of high grade nylon they are relatively cheap. This simply means that you can enjoy value for your money. Some are bit expensive but you can look out for cheap deals and sales discount and avail them on discounted rates.

For the budget conscious people discounted backpacks can be located online with proper choosing and wise buying decisions.


North Face backpacks are known for their outstanding quality whether you are hiking or hauling books to school. These backpacks are well-constructed with quality fabrics, zippers, pulls and stitching.

They are extremely rugged and show no sign of wear and tear. If you are on a tight budget and opt for the discounted ones you can be assured of good quality as they never compromise quality for the sake of price.


North Face backpacks are designed, engineered and manufactured with good quality materials to assure reliable and durable products to its customers.

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