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Kids Backpack Review

kids backpackAs soon as your child enters high school, his or her kids backpack needs tend to grow. This is not surprising since at that stage, they need appropriate bag or carrier for their laptops, textbooks, sports gears and other personal effects.

These backpacks usually come in various designs, sizes, colors and fabrics and depending on every kid’s preference, there will always be a kids backpack for him or her. Most of these packs come with several features which include multiple compartments for easier organization, especially when the pack is being used for multiple items.

In comparing the kids backpack to other types of bags, they are much better because unlike the shoulder bags, this type of bag is supported by, not just one type of muscle but multiple muscles found around the shoulder, back and abdomen.

This way, the weight is evenly distributed, unlike when shoulder bags are being used and the weight being balanced on one part of the body. Although there have been situations where neck injuries are associated with the use of the kids backpack but when used or worn correctly, there will be minimal possibilities of such problem since the weight is evenly distributed across the user’s body.

Another area where the kids backpack could pose a problem is when they are overloaded with books, laptop and other personal possessions. If this is the case, such kids are bound to suffer from strained muscles and joints and possibly, back pain as a result of the excess load being given to these parts of the body.

This makes it a necessity that prior to buying the pack, the user should know the type of pack to go for and how to pack and wear it to maximize comfort

. It does not matter whether you are looking for well-known brands or store brands, the following tips should help your kids in making the most of their packs.

The Kids Backpack – A Closer  Look

Opt for a backpack with Double Strap: Most times children would want to go with the trend in their schools and this may include carrying sling-style kids backpacks. This type of backpack comes with a single strap that runs across the chest and as such, depending on the level of load in the pack, the whole weight is put on one shoulder which tends to pull it down, resulting in possible shoulder, back and neck pains. For this reason, the double strap backpack is a better option.

The Kids Backpack should have Thicker Shoulder Pads: When a kid makes use of a backpack with light or no shoulder pads, the straps dig into the kid’s shoulders, neck and even back. This could cause severe health issues for the child.

Option of Wheels: This is optional but since there are kids backpacks that come with wheels, your child could be saved the burden of having to hang a fully-loaded backpack to school and back home.

Some factors that might inhibit the use of this type of pack include when the kid’s school has stairs or when it is mandatory to have bags put away in the locker. Therefore, before you settle for this option, it is important that you check these facts with your kid’s school.

With these tips and ensuring that your children don’t overload their kids backpack, the use of this type of carrier has come to stay and will always be the number one option among kids and adults alike.

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