Top Five Advantages Of Osprey UL Raincover Backpack

Osprey UL Raincover In-Depth

Osprey UL RaincoverThe Osprey UL Raincover Backpack is a specially designed cover that is meant to cover and protect the back pack from water, dust and other unwanted substances. It’s made of 40D sil nylon light weight fabric which facilitates portability and also durability.

The rain cover clinches tight to provide comprehensive cover and stows conveniently in to an incorporated pouch whenever not being used. Furthermore, the pack is made in a way that it can be readily be put on and off amongst other numerous advantages.

Advantages of Osprey UL Raincover Backpack

1. The 40D PU coated rip stop nylon

The quality of this material used to make the Osprey UL Raincover is amongst the lightest and most durable. This brings about the advantage that carrying the cover does not translate in to carrying extra luggage since it is almost weightless.

This is even after it has been rained on since it usually does not absorb water. Furthermore, the Osprey UL Raincover material is durable and hence user does not need to keep on replacing it from time to time. This virtual of being durable is facilitated by the fact that the material incorporates ripstop feature which means that it cannot get ripped even when going through rough terrain.

2. Variety

The Osprey UL Raincover is usually made into a variety of sizes to ensure that people who need to use it can get their ideal size.

Amongst the sizes that the rain cover is made into include; XS for six hundred to twelve hundred cubic inches packs, S for twelve hundred to twenty four hundred cubic inches packs, M for twenty four hundred to forty three hundred cubic inch packs and L for thirty six hundred or more cubic inches packs.

These varieties ensure that customers can readily get the appropriate size and avoid using over size or under size rain covers.

3. Draw cord closure with snap attachment

The Osprey UL Raincover Backpack is also designed in a way that its closure just requires one to draw the chords and then snapping the button which is easy and does not require much effort.

This means that the cover can be used while in a hurry like if it starts to rain all over a sudden. It also means that almost everyone can be able to use the cover without any tuition or prior experience.

4. Taped seams

The seams of the Osprey UL Raincover are also tapped thus ensuring that they are not prone to damage from slight pressure.

This is paramount especially in situations where the covered pack is large and contains many things thus exerting pressure on the cover.

However with the tapped seams, the cover can withstand pressure and still remain water tight where no water is able to get into the covered content.

5. Stow pouch

The fact that Osprey UL Raincover stows inside its pouch makes it convenient to carry. This is especially when the rain cover is not in use and it needs to be carried in a way that it does not occupy a lot of space.

The pouch makes the rain cover smaller and convenient to be carried in a variety of simple ways.

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